Strabismus in Infants


Strabismus - it is a matter with the vision, in which the 2 skin eyes for approximately cause may not look at the same time at one point. This is manifested by the fact that one of the eyes "squints," that is looking away from a chief direction of gaze. Strabismus most ofttimes begins in early childhood. A scientific name of the disease - strobizm.

In ordinary muscle both eyeballs are working together to turn and be at a single point in area. Strabismus occurs when the eye muscles do not work meticulously and can not provide a joint motion of a eyes. Because of this, every eye looks at his position, and a brain may not properly merge a two images into one.

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Father at school


In the end, all told at a parent teacher meeting is not a direct guide to action, so upon returning home do not start actively educate babies with the doorway. Infants in any case need not be afraid of the returns from a meeting! To think of of the knowledge indispensable to adequately and divide all seen and heard on a specifics of the kindergarten, temperament and age of a teacher.

Always remember that a problems in kindergarten (and school) enjoy any kid and like every teacher is simply unrealistic. A job however a wise and loving father - to try to win a trust of the child. After getting rid of a fear of being punished and humiliated, newborn stop hiding with you all the faults. And at a next meeting to hear the future note to the son or daughter, you can proudly and confidently say that yet solved this question with a baby. So it is gravely and unpredictable event end up with a father's absolute triumph.

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There is a simple universal way for promoting a building of pupil's lustiness - is adherence to the day. It is a sufficient amount of sleep and the must to walk outside. A dream is nothing to add, talk size it all: teachers, moms and dads, the leading television programs. So for walking, so, for some reason, we get not decided to let babies go out after dinner. It is believed that at this time it's time to homework. Air pollution, noise in the street, unfavorable company, unavailability of a newborn immediately after a walk taken for homework - all compelling, but alone parents invented arguments. Читать полностью -->

May I drink after 12-13 week pregnant?


Yes, in the second and third trimester of the expectant mother is permitted to do a duo of sips of red or beer to calm down his "thirst for tasting." So, alone in a event that there is no pathology or medical contraindications.

By a way, during pregnancy need avoid taking a bath with champagne or beer fountains, as the face absorbs the alcohol, and a metered consumption process impossible.

Thus, during pregnancy it is better to give up alcohol and replace it with useful food, natural juices, go for a walk, ask a man she loved to do a foot massage or back... This will allow you to relax and possess all the necessary endorphins, and a reward for your "self-control" will possess a healthy baby.

Be right, and light you pregnant!

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As to make buckwheat?


Earlier cooking buckwheat need be cleaned of impurities and debris and rinse nicely. While cooking semolina - 20-Thirty minutes on poor warmth with the lid closed, and without stirring. If earlier preparation lightly fried buckwheat in a pan, it will be more crumbly and fragrant.

Buckwheat may be prepared so follows: Pour stewing h2o overnight (1 cup cereal - 2-3 cups of water) and carefully wrap up, in a morning porridge is ready. In this way, better preserved healthy properties of buckwheat.

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Moms share a experience: a bag to a hospital


For a child

You may enjoy collected 2 sets of things: for a baby in the hospital and at discharge. If the 1-st set then you will wish the like time however the above items, the other - you can convey a husband or mum on the time of discharge. Toddler dressed in lovely clothes once earlier you are discharged with the hospital. By a way, to a like place before and a clothes in which you are going to leave the hospital and get congratulations husband and relatives.

How, what is beneficial newborn in the hospital:

• Install of clothes (depending on time of year) or aging body vests, diapers, socks, "antitsarapki" duo bonnets 1st size.

• Diaper least 4 items: two cotton flannel and 2 sizes 60x90, in many hospitals you are.

• Child diapers for children (2 to 5 kilogram), 20-25 pieces.

• Cotton swabs with stop and cotton pads.

• Especial scissors for nail.

Prepare the aging body to juice / jumpsuit, hat / cap and envelope (winter / summer version, look for the weather).

We listed all the items that are most likely to be useful in the hospital, based on a comments in our mums collecting experience. So, we can not fail to mention about of a other tips that may be useful in preparing expectant moms for childbirth.

Cream for stretch marks will help the facial skin to return to its former state, will dish up however prevention of unpleasant consequences of pregnancy. A basic item is to find a time for it at a hospital.

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