Recipes with buckwheat


Buckwheat, cottage cheese souffle

500 g of cottage cheese,

200 g of buckwheat,

4 cups of milk,

200 g a butter,

3 eggs

1/2 a cup of cane sugar,

Salt to tasting.

Wipe the dumplings in a blender, bruise buckwheat and sifted through a sieve. Natural milk to boil. Absorb a buckwheat floury in the natural milk, add a butter. Until the resulting mixing is languishing, separate yolks with whites. Combine the cooled weight with grated cheese, egg yolks and saccharose and mix up correctly. Chilled whites beaten with sol and evenly pour them into the basic curds and buckwheat mixture. Читать полностью -->

May chocolate nursing?


During natural-feeding mothers do a lot of stretches hand to anything candy, since milk production is a lot of glucose with a mom's blood, and from a lack of it may cause headaches, depressed mood and fatigue. The aging body, how an intelligent self-regulating system immediately delivers this signal, and the mother can alone listen to his "voice." Meet this should a variety of ways: some close desiccated watermelon, any replenish cakes and biscuits, and someone ofttimes recalls a delightful taste of chocolate.

Since ancient times, it was observed that chocolate is an efficacious inducer of good emotions, and a ancient Aztecs believed that he gives strength and wisdom. Thanks therein efficient chemicals antidepressants, such as caffeine, theobromine and phenylethylamine, chocolate attributed a lot of positive affinity. For example, current scientists possess proved that chocolate helps produce seratonin - the hormone of happiness, and its flavor - secretory immunoglobulin A - an great component of antiviral defense. Chocolate is as well rich in calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. The chief plus use a popular delicacy (in addition, of course, enjoying a great taste) - reducing the likelihood of atherosclerosis. Читать полностью -->

What are these rules?


- Good use bezammiachnoy paint or ink on a organic basis (henna, Basma). This will not alone protect yourself and your baby, but also take maintenance of a thin hair.

- Earlier painting it would be nice to hold a standard test for an allergic reaction. Even if you keep used this paint earlier, checking does not hurt, because the changed hormones can lead to unexpected reactions.

- Provide perfect thin hair coloring in a right-ventilated area. By this measure, It is possible to reduce the concentration of volatile toxic substances that evaporate in the coloring process.

- Later this proceedings, it would be lovely to walk in the sweet air.

- Depending on a age of a child, you can consider my mum to express her portion of natural milk in advance, in case if the child is hungry during or immediately following a staining process.

As well, nursing mothers who keep decided to change a hair color, you should to keep in mind what may be quite different, unplanned shade due to changes in hormonal levels.

In any case, the range is his mother. Of course, fine and confident, it will give more love and affection to his family. At the same time, women during pregnancy and lactation on a lovely and harmonious nature, for in this technique to satisfy her deepest and most ancient domestic demands.

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1-st newborn porridge


Until recently, the porridge has a place in a schedule for of crumbs following only one component of mashed raw vegetables. Newly, however, many doctors recommend that moms and dads are increasingly becoming familiar with a dishes crumb feeding it with cereal. This is due to a fact that the mess of your consistency and tasting sensations caused by a closest to fresh natural milk.

Moreover, it contains vitamins and minerals meet a demands of a growing body of a indispensable enrichment of the diet. After the 5-6th month of your the baby in need of some trace elements can not be satisfied only with fresh natural milk.

According to the recommendations of the National Programme feeding of children in Russia (Revised 2011), the sequence of individual products and the introduction of complementary meal dishes depends on a well-being, nutritional status of a child (the ratio of height and gravity), and the functional state of his digestive system. Thus, infants with short birth mass and increased stool however the 1-st main foods must be introduced industrial cereal fortified with iron, calcium, zinc and iodine. But in babies with a high body weight and are prone to constipation foods to start with a veggie puree.

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May I color my thin hair nursing?


The quest for nice is organic. Women in all ages like to be lovely and modern gerls are no exception. Alone, unluckily, today's "nice products" because of its composition cause mothers doubts and fears. May I mother, lactation, dye a hair?

Questions answered by consultant GW Specialist Distance Learning Center consultant on breastfeeding "Project ProGV", member of a professional support of motherhood (SPPM) Julia Khomenko.

To date, there are no studies that show the negative impact of this procedure in fresh milk and a newborn's well-being. Because for many mothers everywhere lactation is not a hindrance, and they continue to pick up leaving of their externality and to keep active. Most of a counselors on lactation support this approach.

How, it want be noted that the studies showing complete safety of a process, either. Читать полностью -->

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