Mums share your experience: babies's dowry


Changing table / chest of drawers - on this subject is not one recommendation. Some are changing the board, placing it on top of the bed, and someone handy version with a dresser, because later a time of swaddling is a functional a small piece of furniture - a dresser.



Bought a third child to the outside:

1. Dresser with a changing desk - a table served us up to 3 months, following which he became just a locker)

2. Pampers 3 gm 5 kilogram, single of the smallest sizing diaper, wet wipes, liquidity child soap - it all came back along in a hospital. Later, strive baby soap-scum and apply however far only to them.

3. Ring sling - had a bad experience with a carriage with a older children and a fifth wood floor with no elevator)

4. Complemented by an extract: a soft blanket, knitted hat, woolen kombezik.

Just had a cot (used highly small and she was left to wait for any newborn), 3 in 1 stroller (not suitable at all - already)), bath (used 2 minutes, when there was no hot water - the first 2 months bathed in a ordinary big pelvis, so - in a shared bathroom), a pillow for swimming (suitable for swimming in a basin)), diapers and sliders (the number depends on how a mum refers to one-time pads)), caps (pair was enough), socks, gloves ( We used much small, but I know people who - lots)), a pair of suit to the output (and a lot of dear brother does not create sense - you can never wear even once, how fast breast-feeding children grow out of them.)

It is as well extremely good Bipanten, hydrogen peroxide, cotton pads, vodnyvy thermometer - but it and much more speedily and easily purchased at the local pharmacy.

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