However a expectant mom cope with cramps


Speaking of cramps during pregnancy, It is possible to not fail to mention a varicose veins. This is another factor contributing to a occurrence of seizures. A fact that patients with leg veins increasingly heavily to cope with the increasing download on them, which is why the blood begins to stagnate and edema. Impaired blood circulation causes a nutrients to a muscles do not get the full, and the items of metabolism are not fully displayed. This and seizures.

At times lying down uterus expectant mum can compress a inferior vena cava. This leads to poor venous outflow, and thus once again - to a emergence of muscle cramps in a legs.


However to speedily deal with cramp, caught you by surprise?

- Do not panic, try to relax, breathe deeply and calmly.

- If the cramped calf muscle, you must to pull the toes himself, so ease the tension and repeat several times to relieve pain.

- Then try to massage a muscle in the direction from the periphery to the center, it is a soft up and restore circulation.

- At times it helps to tweaking a muscle or a tingling sharp object.

- When a pain subsides, lie down with the feet elevated to drain the blood, in ordering to avoid repeated seizures.

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