Strabismus in Infants


Strabismus - it is a matter with the vision, in which the 2 skin eyes for approximately cause may not look at the same time at one point. This is manifested by the fact that one of the eyes "squints," that is looking away from a chief direction of gaze. Strabismus most ofttimes begins in early childhood. A scientific name of the disease - strobizm.

In ordinary muscle both eyeballs are working together to turn and be at a single point in area. Strabismus occurs when the eye muscles do not work meticulously and can not provide a joint motion of a eyes. Because of this, every eye looks at his position, and a brain may not properly merge a two images into one.

Do not think that a child "outgrow" strabismus, if it has already developed. Without treatment, it can cause serious eye problems. For example, when not in apply a squinting eye, his ability to sight deteriorates significantly, and is expanding a how-called "lazy eye," or scientifically "amblyopia".

Strabismus can affect the baby's self-esteem. It affects not alone a ability to see well, but on a person's exterior. Other babies may tease your baby because of strabismus, called "oblique" or "crooked." Provide adequate psychological support him and do not delay treatment for a single time.

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