What the father should teach his son


Be able to swim and ride a bike

It is gravely to imagine a man who can not swim or ride a bike.

Make bookshelf

Every man should know how to use a hammer, nails and a screwdriver.


A man must be able to put up a tent, light a fire, cook on a fire.


Fishing - a fun along soothing occupation, which in addition and are the benefits: good crab.

Be able to make

If you do not know so to cook, you will be either skinny or fat. You simply must know as to cook a steak, egg, chicken, pork and fish.

What a way to replace the oil and the wheel the car

Despite a fact that both of these actions may be trusted expert, there may come a time when you keep to go out of a situation itself, on its own. And it would be correct if you know how to fix a problem.

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