Mothers share their experience: hair service of the giving birthday




Shorter nails, thin hair trimmed each 30 days. Drink vitamins for hair, nails, because everything is inside.


dochina mother

I drank calcium! the effect was not long in coming! More tar shampoo bad hair stronger, so, a specific smell...))

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That thin hair was thick and lovely, the aging body must not be short of iron, sulfur, folic acid, zinc and vitamin B12. How in your schedule for must comprise foods big in these substances. For example, raw carrots, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, spinach, seaweed. Nursing mom need avoid smoked, salted and pickled foods. When brittle nails demand to eat more dairy products (such as cottage cheese), because you are rich in calcium.



I drank vitamin with calcium, eat dumplings (yes, he told me not bored during pregnancy), soap head herbal decoctions.

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