What are harmful "blue screens"?


1. Studies get shown that, carried away by the game, or viewing of a child blinks 3 minutes less frequently than normal. This leads to fatigue the eye muscles and affects the retina and blood vessels. Experiencing emotional lift, kid does not see a come of fatigue: he blinked trying to relieve the tension, or translate be at other objects, and the result was a symptoms get worse.

2. If the newborn is a TV or computer screens of a old generation (not LCD), it is always within a range of a electrostatic field of big intensity. Electrostatics disperse dust settled on screens up to big speeds and affects a skin and the skin eyes of a small audience.

3. During gaming newborn has unique emotional stress. Study of Russian physiologists have shown that even a expectation game is a nice increase of hormones of a adrenal cortex: this in turn contributes to increased excitability of the newborn.

4. Because of an extended stay at a computer in a fixed position in a baby there is a considerable tension in a body (particularly in a hand). This leads to muscle fatigue, poor nerve conduction and causes impaired negotiation of hands, hands and arms seizures. In a future, a permanent overvoltage may effect in neurological disorder called "carpal tunnel syndrome" (malfunctioning nerve wrist).

5. Prolonged tension in your neck while working at the computer or watching TV (create sure that a child was sitting rightly!) Leads to poor blood flow and can result in oxygen starvation of a brain. The 1-st symptoms of this condition - persistent headaches and unexplained seemingly lethargic.

6. Saving a fixed posture for a long time breathing and can lead to bouts of coughing.

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