Moms share your experience: babies's dowry


Cot - some outline to share a dream with a baby in the 1st few weeks, how do not hasten to buy a crib.



Write (duplicates) that I bought

- Regular diapers are thin and hot - 5 pcs.

- Just a lot of diapers huge wads better not to buy, and empirically determine which best fit your newborn (we were approached by the German fixis)

- Body 3-5 pcs

- Blouses with long sleeves 3-5 pcs

- Sliders 5 - 7 pcs

- Beanie 2-3 pc

- Scratchy 2 pc

- A hot blanket and thin

- Bedding 2 sets.

- Oilcloth

- Aspirator to suction mucus

- Wet wipes

- Cotton balls

- Peroxide and baneotsin processing navel

- Bepanten (Panthenol) to handle a chest in a event of cracks and skin wrinkles in a case of diaper rash

- Serum / powderise for diaper to come to our folds and processed in the usual olive butter.

We still had 2 sleeping bags (from 6 months to 3 years), a very handy thing - buttoned clasp and no longer should to constantly hide the newborn at night. But this is optional, you can buy, but It is possible to do without it.

Crib immediately buy optional, maybe you will be sleeping together.

Stroller may be purchased at one time, and a some later. I bought immediately. Chose Italian modular stroller 3 in 1. Influential was a big turning wheel (for a goodness winter terrain and maneuverability), comfortable and ventilated while heartwarming with a hard bottom cradle, cradle was not lovely (to enter the elevator), but it will last up to 6 weeks, reliable brakes, a weight of a entire carriage Generators are not more than 10 kilogram. Individual modules were car seat, which may also be mounted on a chassis and walking module. The chassis may be folded with one mitt. All installed and disassembled speedily and easily by pressing a button.

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