Diagnosis of strabismus


To make a diagnosis, "squint", doctors frequently must alone be at the child's skin eyes. Usually diskoordinirovannost the be of both eyes is evident.

A medical man may ask your child to follow a object, while it closes and opens one eye. This lets you know which of a skin eyes squint, how much, in what direction, and under what circumstances. As well, this test helps detect amblyopia ("lazy eye"), which is ofttimes found in squint.

Most experts believe a want for verification of all children with 3 to 5 years. In the case, the lower age limit does not exist, and with a slightest suspicion of strabismus want be sure to visit the eye physician.

Ways to treat strabismus

Treatment for strabismus want begin so early how potential and to be integrated. A younger a child, a greater the chance that he will have rid of this issue. For the treatment most often used the following methods:

- Points. Wearing glasses or mild contact lenses in a lot of cases, may correct strabismus moderate.

- Temporary sealing a healthy eye. Helps to do the patient eye stronger and even his look. A medic may prescribe wearing bandages all the time or intermittently for a some week or weeks.

- Surgical treatment. At times this is a only technique to align the eye muscles and improve vision in congenital strabismus. In most cases, a single transaction, and if a request arises, it is repeated in a few years. Later the operation, a child may need about time to wear glasses.

Other treatments may include medications and exercises for a skin eyes. Typically, ophthalmologic centers have special rooms for the treatment of strabismus, where children are engaged in varied eye simulators and devices. Attendance at such training significantly increases a chances of success, specifically when carried out under the supervision of a competent professional.

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