Moms share the experience: thin hair care following giving birthday


A lot of women who are mothers, complain of problems with a hair. Indeed, after a delivery, a sharp deterioration of the thin hair: they become brittle, lose your luster and begin to fall. Recommend that moms who get been done this?

Why does hair fall out of the birth

However a lot of processes in the aging body women manage hormones. Especially when it comes to pregnancy and birth. Changes everything: both outside and inside. Internal changes entail and external. For example, a evolution of a great number of the female hormone estrogen affects the condition of a hair. During pregnancy significantly improves a person: they are shiny, thick and silky. But following giving birthday after their hormonal status changes dramatically, and, in the opposite direction. Following 2-4 months after a birth of a baby, the thin hair does not differ old healthy look, you get to fall out, fade and get brittle.

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